YAD Chairman Inaugurated New Library at SDS 04 Lubuk Besar

YAD Chairman Inaugurated New Library at SDS 04 Lubuk Besar

Mrs Margaret Njoo (friend of Hashim Djojohadikusumo Family) and YAD funded the construction of the library which started on October 2015  and completed on May 2016. In addition, YAD also donated books, furnitures, book shelves, reading tables and other library materials for the library. The students, teachers, officers, employees and workers of the PT TKA plantation, who live around the site, enthusiastically welcomed Pak Hashim. They performed traditional dances  with beautiful and colorful traditional costumes.

Pak Hashim inaugurated new library of SDS 04 YTKA in Lubuk Besar, Dharmasraya, West Sumatra

During the inauguration, Pak Hashim also took the time to meet with a student who will participate in the provincial chess competition in the Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra Province.

Children of PT TKA workers who live in the remote site of the palm oil plantation and go to YTKA’s schools were, in fact, at par or even better compared to the performance of other children in other towns. They showed better achievements in learning.

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