Inauguration of Klinik Bunga Arsari

Inauguration of Klinik Bunga Arsari

Klinik Bidan Yuni, now called Klinik Bunga Arsari  is a small and modest community health center located  in Dusun Sungapan, Argodadi, Sedayu District, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Operated by midwife Tri Wahyuni or Bidan  Yuni, located in a modest village church, it is the only facility serving mothers and children.

Dusun Sungapan in Sedayu District is one of the poorest villages in Yogyakarta. Those who need medical attention and treatment have to travel about 15 kilometers  to the nearest public health center. It is not easy for them, especially women and children, to visit the center because they are mostly indigent rice farmers.

The Need for a Clinic

Screenshot_7The people in Sungapan village are prone to diseases that are either transmitted directly or indirectly by ricefield rat infestations. Tri Wahyuni’s clinic no longer cope with the growing number of patients and had no facilities to handle special cases related to childbirth.  this necessitated the building of a larger clinic to accommodate the burgeoning medical needs of the community.  Bidan Yuni bought 500 square meters of land for a new  clinic, but her finance could not cover its construction. Learning about her predicament, YAD and Wadah Foundation Patron Ibu Anie Hashim Djojohadikusumo expressed  her interest to assist Bidan Yuni to realize her dream. In late  2012, Ibu Anie met with her.  It was then envisaged that the clinic would provide health services to the people of Sedayu and its surrounding communities, especially mothers and  children.

It was found out, however, that the government requires 700 sq.m. of land in order to approve the construction of a clinic.  In order to meet the said requirement, Wadah Foundation bought the 200 sq.meters of land annexed to the 500  sq. meters already owned by Bidan Yuni.

Screenshot_9On April 18, 2013, the ground-breaking ceremony of the clinic was held with Ibu Anie and her team at the event.  The clinic was then named “Klinik Bunga Arsari.” This ceremony  also attended by local leaders and goverment officers from Sedayu District, the dean of the School of Medicine of Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW), a director of Bethesda Hospital and head of Public Health Center Sedayu II.

On the same occasion, Wadah Foundation and YAD  handed  over a portable ultrasonograph and a vehicle to support the operations of the clinic

On March 29, 2014, Ibu Anie inaugurated the  new building, Klinik Bunga Arsari. During the  inauguration, around 1,000 people attended  the ceremony, which included Prof. Dr. Ir. Suhardi, Brigjen TNI (ret) Nuryanto, KPH Haryo, officers from Sedayu District, the rector of UKDW, the dean of Medical School UKDW,  lecturers from University of Gadjah Mada, director of Bethesda Hospital, GKJ Sedayu, head of Public Health Center Sedayu II , and officers from YAKKUM , among others.

Screenshot_10 Ibu Anie, on behalf of Wadah Foundation and YAD, also distributed baby weighing scales to professional dukun bayi  (traditional birth helpers) and the Posyandu in Sedayu District.

YAD will shoulder operating expenses of the clinic until it  is ready to fund itself. The clinic is projected to be self-liquidating by 2015.  To date, the clinic has one general practitioner (GP), midwife, six nurses and administrative staff. The clinic is a equipped with 8 rooms and beds, an emergency room, examination room, delivery room and a laboratory. Bethesda Hospital Yogyakarta also extends technical assistance in clinic management as well as the apprenticeship of nurses and medical missions. The clinic serves 25-50 patients per day.