School Construction in Sirombu – Nias

School Construction in Sirombu – Nias

“Education must reach the people, even to the smallest islands” – HSD

The large tsunami, that devastated most of South-East Asia in 2004, caused widespread infrastructural damage in Aceh and Nias. Elementary, junior high, and high schools in Sirombu – South Nias Regency were heavily damaged.

HSD and his family were concerned with the damage of the school buildings on the island of Nias. Ibu Anie Hashim raised money at a fundraiser at a Fundraising Gala Dinner in Geneva. The funds were used to rebuild SD Negeri 1 and SMP Negeri 1 (an elementary school and a junior high school) in Sirombu.

SMA Negeri I (a state senior school) in Sirombu has already been  rebuilt with the support of Ibu Margaret Njoo, a dear family friend.

Rebuilding schools in one of the outer islands of Northern Sumatra was also a way for the government to ensure the learning and teaching process post-disaster was possible.