On 23 April 2019, the Dharmasraya Sumatran Tiger Rehabilitation Center (PR-HSD), a division of Arsari Djojohadikusumo Foundation (YAD) in charge of environmental conservation, collaborated with Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) of West Sumatra conducted another wildlife release for Sumatran tiger “Bujang Ribut” in the Barisan Wildlife Reserve, Padang Pariaman. Read More


Welcome to the second newsletter for the 17th International Conference of National Trusts (ICNT 2017). In this newsletter, we provide you with an introduction to Bali and the Gianyar Regency. We are also excited to share exclusive previews of keynote speaker candidates, venues and post conference optional tours. ICNT 2017 offers a platform to share experiences, both scientific and practical, on conservation towards a sustainable environment. The conference expects to bring together 200 + delegates active in the heritage field across the world. Together, we will explore the connection between our cultural traditions and concerns for sustainable development.


From its own habitat in Sumatra, Indonesia the current population of the Sumatran tigers (Panthera Tigris Sumatrae) has reportedly suffered a tremendous decrease and is now believed to be only less than 400. From six of the world’s known species, the Sumatran Tiger is the only surviving tiger specie that still exists.


Mrs Margaret Njoo (friend of Hashim Djojohadikusumo Family) and YAD funded the construction of the library which started on October 2015  and completed on May 2016. In addition, YAD also donated books, furnitures, book shelves, reading tables and other library materials for the library. The students, teachers, officers, employees and workers of the PT TKA plantation, who live around the site, enthusiastically welcomed Pak Hashim. They performed traditional dances  with beautiful and colorful traditional costumes.

Hashim Djojohadikusumo, Chairperson of the Yayasan Arsari Djojohadikusomo (YAD) has been  invited by the Project Southeast Asia, University of Oxford, UK to be the keynote speaker at the 5th Southeast Asian Studies Symposium at Oxford University in England from April 14 to 16, 2016. In his speech, Hashim highlights business and environmental issues towards a more sustainable future in Indonesia.

Yayasan Arsari  Djojohadikusumo (YAD) and  Yayasan Wadah Titian Harapan (Wadah Foundation) inaugurated the new buildings of the Al Hidayah Community Center or PKMW on July 28, 2015 at  Block 9 of Muara Baru Apartments in Penjaringan,  North Jakarta. The Lurah (village head) of Penjaringan, Suranta, S.Sos, community and religious leaders of Penjaringan also attended the inauguration ceremony. The Djojohadikusumo family members, including Aryo Djojohadikusumo, a Parliamentary member of Commission VII also joined this humble ceremony.