YAD News Vol. 20 – 2023

YAD News Vol. 20 – 2023

Salam Lestari

YAD News Vol. 20 -2023

Wishing all of YAD family and friends a peaceful and blissful holy month of Ramadhan.

YAD News comes back this month with stories from our friends and partners in East Kalimantan, Trowulan, and West Sumatra in the fields of education, culture and the environment. The highlight is about YAD’s partnership with various partners in conservation, especially in wildlife conservation. Another is about YAD’s collaboration with the IKN Authority about the plans for a sanctuary island which will be a part of the future Nusantara Capital. The signing of a partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia is also an important story in this issue.

Another interesting piece is the visit of the Chairman of YAD to YKI-ARSARI schools, all supported by YAD. These schools are located in the area of PT ITCIKU, which is part of ARSARI Group. The visit brought to light the creativity and achievements of both educators and their students, and as told in this special issue.

Equally interesting story is about cultural conservation advocacy in Trowulan, the historic capital of Majapahit Kingdom, which is currently facing pressure from the regional government regarding development plans that are at odds with conservation principles.

In addition to all those, this issue also tells the stories about various activities and programs from YAD environmental conservation units in East Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, West Sumatra, as well as an inspirational figure from Makassar, Rosmawati.

We hope you will enjoy the read!