YAD News Vol 17-2022

YAD News Vol 17-2022

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YAD News Vol 17-2022

YAD News comes to you this month with the highlight on the successful release of Sumatran Tiger “Putri Singgulung” on 16 October 2022 after 2 years of rehabilitation. The hard work of PR-HSD ARSARI team in West Sumatra, starting from evacuation, rehabilitation, and finally successful release has yielded truly extraordinary results. Of course, this hard work can only be achieved with the support from various parties, especially the West Sumatra BKSDA and related institutions of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry. This release is also incredibly special because it received direct support from the Indonesian Ministry of Defense and the Indonesian Air Force through using helicopter for the release. Details of the release and the documentation can be found in this current edition.

There is also another piece on environmental conservation front from the PSO-ARSARI Team that beckons the question: why should we care about nature. It is an invitation to make peace with nature, and to wisely manage it. This is one of YAD’s missions in the environmental conservation, which continues to move forward by cooperation with BKSDA in West Sumatra, East Kalimantan, and Riau. In October, a Memorandum of Understanding was discussed between YAD and the Director General of KSDAE, KLHK to provide an umbrella for cooperation in the three sites. You can find an article about the discussion in this edition.

This edition also invites us deeper into about YAD educational and social activities. There is a warm story about monitoring visits to schools supported by YAD in Central Java. In addition, there is also a thoughtful piece reviewing the Djojohadikusumo Family as role models in honoring ncestors. The piece is further enhanced with the genealogy of this Banyumas family line.

Our inspirational figure this time is Zul Herman, familiarly known as Mr. Zul, a longtime Head of Education and Social Affairs at YAD who has entered his retirement period after devoting his mind and spirit together in YAD in the last 15 years. He has dedicated a lot to the development of education and social activities through YAD

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