Inspirasi Majapahit

Inspirasi Majapahit

InspirasiMajapahitInspirasi Majapahit

Editor, Daud Aris Tanudirdjo, et al.

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Yayasan Arsari Djojohadikusumo, 2014, 186 pages, 24.5 cm

ISBN 978 602 70039 1 1 (hard cover)

Perhaps the greatness of Majapahit is only historian’s imagination and its cultural greatness might be merely a construction thought of some archaeologists. And also the grandeur of Majapahit and its court officials (ponggawa) might be just the sheer imagination of the writers. Nevertheless, historical facts prove Majapahit has inspired a nation, the Indonesian nation and the kingdom will continue  to inspire anyone who wants to find out about it.

Physically, the kingdom of Majapahit now only left the ruins of the temples, traces of settlements and flakes of diverse artefacts scattered around Trowulan, the heart  of the Kingdom. However, spiritually, Majapahit with all its wisdom, the spirit of unity, measures of its actions, its cultural diversity, as well as various weaknesses remains a source of inspiration that will not run excavated. This volume includes a diversity of writing about Majapahit and a good introductory volume for anyone who wants  to understand the great kingdom which was built by Raden Wijaya in the 12th century  and  occupied the huge region of the archipelago. In addition, the book is also beautifully decorated with various photos of various relics of Majapahit Kingdom.

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