Festival Trowulan Majapahit 2018: Celebrating 725th Anniversary of Majapahit at Trowulan

Festival Trowulan Majapahit 2018: Celebrating 725th Anniversary of Majapahit at Trowulan

Majapahit Trowulan Festival (FTM) is a series of cultural events held to commemorate the anniversary of Majapahit, the great empire that once ruled Nusantara between the 13th and 15th century. FTM was first held on 6-24 November 2014 to commemorate 721th anniversary of the coronation of Nararya Sanggramawijaya or Raden Wijaya as the first monarch of Majapahit in 1293. This event was a collaboration of cultural practitioners, and has become annual agenda in Trowulan, Mojokerto, a town believed to be the site of the former capital of Majapahit. Arsari Djojohadikusumo Foundation (YAD) through Mandala Majapahit Trowulan (ManMa Trowulan), has been involved in organizing event since 2014 alongside the Indonesian Heritage Trust (BPPI), and continued to do so in 2018 to commemorate the 725th anniversary of the empire.

Festival 725 Tahun Majapahit_1FTM 725 had activities held every weekend in November 2018, peaking on 9-10 November 2018 which was believed to be the coronation date of Raden Wijaya as founder of Majapahit. His coronation was celebrated for an entire month, which was also applied in FTM. This event involved every layer of society in Trowulan across generations, and was also open for researchers and academics, culture practitioners, as well as general public interested in Majapahit and cultural conservation in general.

FTMFestival 725 Tahun Majapahit_2 725 opened with a pre-event in the form of Ancestral Pilgrimage on 12-14 October 2018 and 2-4 November 2018, in which communities paid their respects for ancestors by performing rituals at sites related to the rulers of Singasari and Majapahit such as Jajaghu Temple, Candi Kidal, Singosari Temple, Ken Dedes Petirtaan, Boyolangu Temple, Sanggrahan Temple, and Ngetos Temple.

During the first weekend of November 2018, YAD invited artist Heru Mataya from Surakarta to prepare 725 Nusantara banners inspired by the colors of districts, cities, and provinces sigils throughout Indonesia. The second weekend on 9-10 November 2018 marked the climax of the celebration, with Heritage Trail, Cultural Procession, Arts Performances, and finally Cultural Oration spanned the entire weekend.

The climax of the first day onFestival 725 Tahun Majapahit_3 November 9, 2018 was held at the Gapura Bajang Ratu under the theme ‘Young Leaders Understanding Majapahit in Millennial Period’, featuring a painting ritual by Nanang Moeni, accompanied by a bedaya dance performed by the Candiliya group from Yogyakarta, and closed with cultural speeches from Mr. Adrianus Waworuntu and Mr. Eko Prasetyo.

The climax of the second day on November 10, 2018 was held at Brahu Temple, with the theme ‘Awakening of Majapahit Values for the Glory of the Archipelago’ which presented interfaith prayers, Candiliya opening dance, followed by a theatrical performance titled Prapanca and Negarakertagama by the Save Trowulan Community before entering the main event which was a cultural oration from Mr. Hashim Djojohadikusumo.

The third weekend was ‘Trowulan Community Dialogue: Linggan vs Cultural Heritage’ where YAD together with BPPI and ManMa Trowulan held a discussion with village heads and linggan (red brick) workers from four villages namely Wonorejo Village, Jatipasar Village, Sentonorejo Village, and Trowulan Village. The fourth weekend officially Festival 725 Tahun Majapahit_4marked the end of FTM 725 Festival 725 Tahun Majapahit_5with a closing ritual on the summit of Mount Pawitra on November 24-25, 2018.Festival 725 Tahun Majapahit_6

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