Exploring the Enclosure of Ciuniang Nurantih at PR-HSD ARSARI

Exploring the Enclosure of Ciuniang Nurantih at PR-HSD ARSARI

Friends of ARSARI,

On February 28, 2021, West Sumatra BKSDA together with PR – HSD ARSARI and other partners successfully released Sumatran Tiger Ciuniang Nurantih back to the wild. Ciuniang Nurantih had just gone through rehabilitation process in the semi-natural habituation cage at PR-HSD ARSARI enclosure for approximately 4 months.

The enclosure is designed as closely as possible to tigers’ natural habitat to invoke their memory of their real home, so that they won’t lose the natural wild instinct.

After the animals are released and the enclosure is empty, there’s a tradition at the ARSARI PR – HSD site is to conduct Enclosure Exploration. The aim is to see traces of activity that can be used to better understand Sumatran tigers’ behavior in the wild. Here, we can also see how the tigers created corridors leading to water sources, as well as small corridors as paths for them to hunt food.

How is the enclosure that Ciuniang Nurantih left behind? Let us follow drh. Daniel Hot Asih Sianipar as he explains in the video.

Greetings in conservation!

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