The making of tranquilizer dart and simulation with PSO-ARSARI

The making of tranquilizer dart and simulation with PSO-ARSARI

This time, PSO ARSARI team will show you how to create tranquilizer dart out of spuite and give a simulation on tranquilizing animals especially Orangutan. Darts are of tremendous importance in wildlife conservation efforts, especially when facing animals we can’t handle directly in 5-6 meter radius. Such as animals in the cage, or outside the cage but still within range, this method of tranquilizing will be most effective. After assembling dart, the team will then perform a tranquilizing simulation using a doll as a prop.

These are the required materials:
– 2 spuit (5 ml)
– Wool threads
– Syringe needles
– Rubber (out of sandals or thick corks)

Required tools:
– Iron glue
– Filing tool to cut holes in the middle of the neddle
– Knife / cutter
– Candle

How to make:
– Cut the end of two spuits with cutter, leave out the black part of its pump
– Cut the black part of one of the spuit so that it’s slightly smaller than the other.
– Combine the spuits using candle to melt and then fuse them together
– Wrap the end of the product using wool threads (to control the air)
– For the needle, put in aquarium glue to cover the sharp point, then file a hole in the middle of the needle (adjustable depending on the animal)
– Cut out rubber part out of an old sandal and put it to cover the middle hole.

How to use:
– Fill the device with anaesthesia in accordance to dosage, adjusting the black band.
– Use rubber to cover the hole in the middle of the needle, put air pressure from the back.
– Place inside a metal pipe.
– The dart and its blower is ready to use.

When firing the dart, we can’t just aim at random spot on animal’s body. That is why in this video we will make sure which body part, especially on Orangutan, is relatively safe to aim darts to, such as shoulders, thighs, their back, or generally places with a lot of muscles. It will be best not to hit vital areas such as their face, stomach, or genital due to the risk damaging their internal organs.

Salam Lestari