Conservation Collection: Jewellery for the Environment

Conservation Collection: Jewellery for the Environment

There are many unique and out-of-the-box ways to show concern and support for environmental conservation. One of such inspiring ways is done by Ariana Embirikos, a contemporary and fine art jewellery designer based in the United States. Recently, Ariana released a pendant necklace set under the name Conservation Collection, made from hand-finished recycled brass on a high-quality cord knot, with shapes inspired by various trees. This collection features Cedar Tree, Acacia Tree, Palm Tree, and Pine Tree. Each tree is dedicated to an organization that plays a role in conservation, including ARSARI Djojohadikusumo Foundation (YAD).

The tree dedicated to YAD is the Palm Tree edition. The palm tree carries the philosophy of victory, triumph, and peace. It also carries a personal reminiscence of Ariana’s childhood in Malaysia and the Bahamas, of summer days under the sun, beautiful beaches, and the rich and vibrant ocean. 50% of the sale of this beautiful and environmentally friendly necklace will be passed on to YAD to fund its environmental conservation programs, particularly in the rehabilitation and release of Sumatran Tigers and other Sumatran endemic animals, as well as maintaining a sanctuary in the nature for rescued Orangutans.


The more support and partners to walk the path of conservation together, the more YAD is passionate in continuing its conservation efforts. These beautiful necklaces can be found at @embirikos Instagram account, and purchased through the website for $60 apiece. Let us support conservation while still looking fabulous.

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