Another Library for YTKA’s Primary School

Another Library for YTKA’s Primary School

The Chairperson of Yayasan Arsari Djojohadikusumo (YAD), who is also the President Director of PT Tidar Kerinci Agung (PT TKA), Hashim Djojohadikusumo, inaugurated the new library building of the Sekolah Dasar (SD) 03 Gunung Tujuh on 6 August 2015.  This primary school is run by the TKA Foundation located in the Palm Oil Plantation of PT TKA in Kemarau village, Jorong Sungai Betung, Kabupaten Dharmasraya. YAD funded the construction of the library which started on July 2014 and finished on October 2014. The family foundation also donated books for the library, while furnitures, book shelves, reading tables and other library materials were donated by PT TKA.

The students, teachers, officers, employees  and workers of the PT TKA plantation, who live on the site, enthusiastically welcomed Pak Hashim who visited the site for the first time.  They performed traditional dances and other arts performances with beautiful and colorful traditional costumes.

After the inauguration ceremony, Pak Hashim visited other facilities in the school like teachers’ room, classrooms, prayer room, and canteen for the students.

Taekwondo champions from Palm Oil Plantation

Children of PT TKA workers who live in the remote site of the palm oil plantation and go to YTKA’s schools were, in fact, at par or even better compared to the performance of other children in other towns. They  showed better achievements in learning. Some of them have also garnered accomplishments in martial arts competitions. During the inauguration, Pak Hashim also took the time to present medals to seven school kids who acquired achievements at the regional provincial taekwondo competition.

Commitment to build a library  for each school

Education is one of the main programs of YAD. Because of this, a good and convenient library as a support to the learning-teaching programs for the children of the workers of TKA Plantation has become a priority for YAD.  Pak Hashim has committed that each school under YTKA would be equipped with a library. So far, YAD has successfully built three libraries. The first one was at SD 02 Bukit Sembilan, the second at SMKA YTKA and the  third at SD 03 Kemarau. Two more libraries would be constructed at SD 04 Lubuk Besar and SD 01 Sungai Talang. Meanwhile, the library at SD 04 Lubuk Besar which is now under preparation for construction would be funded by Mrs. Margaret Njoo.

In his visit to the school at Kemarau, Pak Hashim also wishes YAD to create  a mobile library service in the near future to facilitate kids and mothers who live in the housing complex located scattered around the sites of the PT TKA plantations.

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