YAD and Wadah Offered Donations to Roslin Orphanage and Gita Eklesia Foundation

Roslin Orphanage in the village of East Penfei, Central Kupang,  NTT was established by Budi Soehardi, a CNN Heroes candidate with his wife on April 6, 2002. The activities of  the orphanage are supported from agricultural activities performed by the residents. YAD donated 2 tractors and Wadah Foundation donated 1 truck to increase production. There was also a financial donation to support the operation of the orphanage. YAD also provided financial assistance to support the operation of the Gita Eklesia Orphanage in Ambarawa,  Semarang regency which was established by Rina Eklesia. The children in the Gita Eklesia Orphanage are mostly victims of war conflict.

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